Mentally Stimulating

“Your mind is a goal-oriented machine, subconsciously making assessments about how far away a goal is, the likelihood of achieving it and the effort required.” Here’s a 7 min messages about how the brain works for us to enable us to achieve our goals!


What is the most equally distributed resource in the world?  Find out in this message!


Peak performance is grounded in the skillful art of energy management!!!


DON’T do whatever the majority IS doing.  Increase your appetite for discomfort!  I promise it’s worth it!


Pigeons were offered 4 ounces of food in 8 seconds vs 1 ounce of food in 2 seconds…which do you think they chose?


Ways to boost your willpower that will change your life for the better


What are your extrinsic and intrinsic motivators for achieving your goals?  We must have a healthy balance of both!


One of the most annoying success principles….SUCCESS IS INCONVENIENT!  Unfortunately, our society has placed a high premium on convenience & expediency.


When he came back to Apple, Steve Jobs asked, “What’s the ONE THING we can dominate?”


2 things successful people KNOW & DO


You are the cow in the dairy farm.


How to eliminate the frustration gap.

The “secret” to discipline.

Answering a question I have gotten a lot this week!
“Systems are your dear and close friends.”


Did you know that whales experience indeterminate growth?  Let’s apply this concept to our lives!


“You are as successful now as you will be the day you see your vision materialize.” – Andy Stanley
Some thoughts on success vs the “rewards” of success.