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“Today I will be master of my emotions!” – Og Mandino.


More thoughts on being an entrepreneur and having a world class mindset.


Are you mentally already one step ahead of your reality?


The only difference between water and hydrogen peroxide is ONE oxygen molecule!  The little things matter!


Lessons learned on The Great Wall of China!


My conversation w Inner Circle NSD Kathy Helou!!!



(recap of a convo I had w Alli Allen-love ya Alli)


4 common mistakes that millionaires make!


“Everything I learned about life and leadership, I learned at a SKIN CARE CLASS.” – Linda Toupin.


Are you spinning your wheels?


Stories about the woman Mary Kay Ash & biggest take away from the NSD Summit.


How do you stay motivated?


A slightly different version to a story you’ve probably already heard!


3 ways to create more willpower!


There’s a lot of power in the small little word “NO


CARPE DIEM – are you really actually prepared to seize the day



“It’s ALWAYS sunny!”
– Darren Hardy

Get paranoid.

“Your time away from the world allows you to lead the world.”

“Success loves speed”
I love this success principle.
How can you “start fast” today?


The simplicity and timelessness of our Mary Kay business


The undeniable power of a concept I have grown to love…
Learn how to incorporate these into your life.


Here’s a 3 min tough love message from my man Darren!
“You have to have the guts to risk the life you are living for the one you are capable of.”  – Darren Hardy


“For things to change, YOU have to change.  For things to get better, YOU have to get better.  For things to improve, YOU have to improve.  When YOU grow, EVERYTHING in your life grows with you.”  – Jim Rohn
Note: it all starts with YOU!

A day in the life of Leah Lauchlan.



How do you respond to God’s detour and delay?

Get paranoid. ?

Some thoughts I’ve had this week.

Do you really believe change is possible for you? (Part 1 of 2)

Do you really believe change is possible for you?  (Part 2)

I was reminded this week of the incredible power of accountability.  Wow.


“But Mommy, I can do hard things.” – Ian Lauchlan


The secret you’ve been waiting for.


Have you experienced the bitter sting of DELAY?

“Why not the BEST?”


“The Winner Effect”


One of the main things that produced JOY in my journey.

2 things successful people KNOW & DO!  LEAHLAUCHLAN Listen to my Vox

True confessions.

I want to be wrung out in this life with calloused knees & calloused hands.


The simplicity and timelessness of our Mary Kay business.

“Perfection” gets a bum rap.  Let’s reframe what this word can mean for you.

“I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” – Nehemiah

How to protect the Mary Kay brand image by enhancing the customer service experience.

There’s no story I like better than a comeback story!  Here are a few tips to create your own comeback!!!

My new affirmation, “I Am Unconquerable!”
What’s the conversation going on in your head?

“What are you doing here?” – God