A small glimpse into the life of a Director.


My schedule as a consultant with a full time job.


How do I motivate my team?


“We choose to go not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard…” – JFK on sending a man to the moon


“Does someone in your life look you in the eye and say, “given your skills, you could do better…” OR SAYS…
“You are not using your strengths to really make a difference.”
“What would happen if you committed your life to excellence?”
‘What are you waiting for?”
“Could you set aside the fear and just go for it?”
“What are you afraid of, I know you’re holding back?”
“You need to think bigger and step up your game?
If you’re insulating yourself from these conversations and challenges, who benefits?”



We all experience it…
Whether at a new job, relationship, or new city – it’s easy to fall in love with “the new.”
But then it starts to fade.

“Most people don’t conquer their dreams because it’s hard freaking work.” -Darren Hardy

“Where I excel is in RIDICULOUS, SICKENING work ethic.” – Will Smith

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left behind by those who hustle.”