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Conference Call Library

To listen to any one of these conference calls

Dial 712 432 0365; the access code is 509959# and then enter the reference number.

Conference Call Library

Battle of the Cities recordings

#1 “Are You Ready for More?” by Leah (149)


#2 “Mastering Emotions” by Leah (152)


#3 “You vs You” by Blythe Egbert (153)

#4 Katie Colson “Full Circle Parties” (154)
#5 Mary Cho Engh “The Concept of NOW!” (155)
#6 Megan Higby “Building Customers for Life” (156)
#7 Sarah Light “Working When You Don’t Feel Like It” (157)

Conference Call Library

100 Selfies in 90 Days Conference Call Series

“The Perfect Booking Script” by Cadillac Director Mary Cho (97)
“Sell Your Buns Off” by Cadillac Director Megan Higby (98)
“How to Rock a Strong Individual Close” by Cadillac Director Blythe Egbert (100)
“Coaching Your Hostess with the Mostess” by Cadillac Director Sarah Light (101)

Conference Call Library

inc(RED)ible Pacesetter’s Conference Call Series PHASE 1

“Desire Call” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (105)
“The Noise in Your Head & Energy in Your Heart” (107)
“Team Build Like a Boss part 1 (DISC explained)” by Cadillac Directors Blythe Egbert, Megan Higby, Mary Cho & Sarah Light (108)
“Team Build Like a Boss part 2” by Cadillac Directors Sarah Light, Mary Cho & Blythe Egbert (109)
“Fill Your Date Book & FInish Your STAR by Cadillac Directors Mary Cho & Sarah Light (110)

“5 Things Successful People Know & Do” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (111)

“4 Skills that Will Make or Break Ya in Mary Kay” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (112)

“FINISH STRONG!  Stories from our Cadillac Directors on how they developed this skill” (113)

“Clarity & Strategy for the Race 4 Red Promo” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (114)

“NSD Heidi Goelzer’s I-Story” (117)

“How to Work MK with Kids” by SNSD Julia Burnett (118)


Inc(RED)ible Pacesetter’s Conference Call Series PHASE 2
“Desire Call – Are You Ready for MORE?” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (123)
“More Than Just Lipstick” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (124)
“Success Loves Speed” by NSD Leah Lauchlan & Cadillac Directors Sarah Light & Mary Cho Engh (126)
“Who Are You Attracting & What Are You Selling” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (128)

“Mastering the Art of Team Building” by NSD Leah Lauchlan & Cadillac Directors Mary Cho Engh & Blythe Egbert (129)
“At the Factory They Make Cosmetics, At the Skin Care Class #WeSellHope” by NSD  Leah Lauchlan (131)
“Consider the Ant” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (133)

Conference Call Library

“BUILT TO LAST” Conference Call Series for Directors on how to build a selling unit and large unit clubs
#1 – Future NSD Cindy Machado-Flippen (121)
#2 – NSD Julie Weaver (122)
#3 – NSD Amie Gamboian (127)
#4 – NSD Kim McClure (130)
#5 – NSD  Lisa Allison (134)

Conference Call Library

Get Red-iculous

“Get RED-iculous for 90 Days” by Cadillac Director Katie Colson (136)
“The Power of 90 Days” by Director Kara May (138)
“You vs You” by NSD Leah Lauchlan (139)
“My I-Story” by Director Colleen Elliott (141)
“The WHY Behind the GenX Program” by Cadillac Director Allison Davis (142)

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