I’m Back!

Ok, party people, I am resurrecting this blog I started back in 2016.  Serious bloggers have enough content to post once a week and they even know the perfect time to post to incite the most engagement.  I am an amateur blogger (that might even be too generous), so I’m going to go with the flow and post as I am inspired to, with the hopes of one day having enough content to post every week, at the perfect time.  (Check out my archived posts from back in 2016.  Has it really been 2 years?)


Let’s start with a question.  What are you passionate about?  Did something pop into your mind immediately?  A passion of mine is people living all-out, all-in, operating at the highest and best version of who they were created to be.  When you are fully living and expressing who you are, and using all talents, resources, and gifts to your fullest capacity, the world changes.  And God is glorified.  I love this quote by CS Lewis from Screwtape Letters: “The deepest likings and impulses of any person are the raw material, the starting point, with which God has furnished them.”  We have all been furnished with “deep likings and impulses” from our Creator and when we cultivate that “raw material”, we operate on God’s territory and are many steps closer to living at our highest and best.


If I had to simplify and sum up my daily focus and desire, it is to support people to live at their #HighestAndBest, and of course to live at my own.


So how do you operate at the highest and best version of who you were created to be?  One answer (of several):  ENERGY.  Energy.  Mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual energy.  We hear that TIME is our most valuable resource.  I disagree.  It’s energy.  We could have all the time in the world, but without the energy to execute the vision, time diminishes in value; it continues on, with or without us, the minutes and the years go by, possibly squandered.  But add energy to the time we’ve been given on this earth, and now we are onto something.  Do you have the energy necessary to operate at your own personal highest and best?  I have gone through a few seasons of life where I have not had that energy.


I read a book called The Prime by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary right before I delivered my 4th precious life into the world.  I started the program the book teaches one week after she was born.  I had high expectations, but had no idea what was about to unfold in my life.  About 3-4 months into the program, I started experiencing an energy level and mental clarity I hadn’t felt in a long time, actually in 6 years.  It was an energy level and mental clarity I did not even realize I was missing.  The fog lifted, the bone-weariness melted away, my thoughts cleared up, the alarm clock went off early and I popped out of bed, ready for the day, I started having a more focused quiet time before the sun came up, I did all weekend-long events and didn’t need a full day to recover, I started working more efficiently, I started Crossfit, I was more patient with my children, I slept better, I laughed more, it became easier to chose joy in the mundane routine of life, I wanted to give more energy to people, I was more open, ready, available to give, to love, to serve and to show up.  I started operating and executing my life with a higher and better version of myself because I had the capacity of energy.  It felt like an answer to prayer that I had not even prayed.  I was back.  Ready to operate again at my highest and best.


So, will you join me on this journey to discover the #HighestAndBest version of who you were created to be?  Energy is one answer.  There are many more.  Let’s learn about them.


And Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, wherever you are out there, I am creating a small movement in my world with your book, and it’s now on my bucket list to do lunch with you someday and visit your new center in India.  I can’t wait.