First Ever Blog Post

Well, here it is.  First ever blog.  I am feeling very adventurous and open and vulnerable and hopeful.


The following quote is something I wish I would have internalized earlier in life, but thankfully I did learn it and now deeply believe in it…


“Success is not about what you do.  It’s about the person you become in the process.”


It’s truth.  And it’s freeing.  We are very motivated to cultivate our “outer world”; the part everyone sees and recognizes.  So motivated that we can neglect the “inner world”; the part no one sees, but it’s in the ‘inner world” where we experience emotions like joy and peace and true satisfaction.   Joy that can actually make your body feel lighter.  A deep, abiding peace that allows you to lay your head on the pillow and sleep soundly.  The kind of satisfaction where you can sit alone, with no cell phone, no entertainment and just be present in the moment, enjoying it for what it is, and you actually feel that moment in such a real way.  That kind of satisfaction.  What is success and accomplishment if it’s not accompanied with joy and peace and true satisfaction?  These are often left in the dust when our focus is primarily on the “outer world”.


Something my dad always said when I was growing up is, “It’s all apart of your education.”  I was always so irritated by that statement.  Partly because he said it in moments when I least wanted to hear it – moments of adversity and frustration and disappointment.  But somewhere along the way I realized what he was actually saying.  He was teaching me and my four siblings that failure and adversity are apart of the journey.  Learning and growth are apart of the journey.  Failure can often be the best teacher.  I’m grateful for that lesson.  It planted a seed that would later take root in my heart and blossom and be a source of motivation to develop ME, the person.  The heart and soul and mind and emotions of ME.  And one day I woke up and that was my priority and pursuit and it’s been a satisfying, joyful and peaceful journey.


We are often in a state of waiting to be successful.  Waiting for tangible proof that we are in fact a success and something of worth.  When we can internalize that success is about the person we become in the process, we can create success everyday.  We don’t have to wait.  We can choose it today and tomorrow and the next day.  And when the tangible proof does come, our hearts and souls are prepared to enjoy it more deeply.  Otherwise success is ultimately unsatisfying.  It can often only produce more longing and wanting and waiting.  We don’t have to wait.  We can choose it today.


When you internalize this concept it will open up a whole new world.


So here is my invitation to join me on this journey.  To learn to put your #BestFaceForward.  Your best self is your gift to the world.  Let’s find him or her.