Thank your for your interest in my Brain Book.

“The BRAIN is wider that the sky.” – Emily Dickinson 

Welcome to the newest version of my own personal planner & strategy notebook.  This resource has evolved and improved over 7 years now, and it has been a labor of love to make it available for the Mary Kay world to use.  We have decided to charge a small fee for the download of “The Brain Book” to help offset the expense of this workbook’s maintenance.  Upon purchasing a document you can expect to receive an email with download links for your purchases.  We do not mail you a physical document.  If you have any problems with the download links provided please email


We do kindly ask that you would please not share, copy or reproduce “The Brain Book” for others. 

Some helpful hints for using “The Brain Book”…

  • It is meant to be printed with double-sided pages so that your Week-at-a-Glance calendar pages line up correctly.  If you remove a page(s) because it is not applicable to you, you may need to add a blank page so that the Weeks-at-a-Glance line up when the book is open.
  • Feel free to add/remove pages when you have this printed so that it is customized for you, to be most effective for how you work and think.
  • It is helpful to add tabs.  You can have your printing company do this OR get tabs you add yourself.
  • There is a New Consultant Tracking page at the end of each quarter.  Print as many as you think you’ll need (the plan is to have a lot, right?  ) for the quarter.  Same with the Career Survey Tracking page.
  • I would recommend printing in color, instead of black and white.  Our brains work more effectively with color.


“Fill your BRAIN with giant dreams so there is no space for petty pursuits.” – Robin Sharma


“Follow your heart, but take your BRAIN with you.” – anonymous


“Before speaking, please make sure your BRAIN is connected to your tongue.” – anonymous


“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr Seuss


I pray this blesses your business and your life.

Your friend, 

NSD Leah Lauchlan 

Brain Book Training!