My personal hashtag and mantra this year is #IWillRise.  I was inspired by the song “Ain’t No Grave” by David Crowder (check it out).  A personal hashtag or theme or even one word can give incredible focus to your life and thinking.

One of the lines in the song is “ain’t no grave gonna hold me down”, which got me thinking about “graves” we create in our lives.  Our graves can simply be habits that put a lid on our potential or self-inflicted burdens we were never meant to carry.  A common grave we have all buried for ourselves, at least a time or two, is negative language we choose to use in the ongoing dialogue we have with ourselves.  What if you got a transcript of your mental conversation, typed out and delivered on your desk tomorrow morning?  We would all probably be shocked at the negativity and defeated language we choose to engage in.  It’s time to RISE above that my friends.  Let’s walk out of that grave…

And maybe your language isn’t negative, but I find it very interesting that we all usually talk about that which we do not want.  Even simple comments like “I’m tired”, “I’m overwhelmed”, “I’m too busy” give energy and focus to the things we do not prefer.  Thus we stay longer in a state of being that is not of our liking.  Isn’t that interesting?  What if we all learned to speak about what we prefer? 

There’s a powerful quote I learned from a good friend of mine, Grace Keohohou.  She says that the words you use after “I am” will come looking for you.  “I am tired” and tired will find you.  “I am overwhelmed” and the anxiety grows.  “I am too busy” and life continues to lead you instead of you leading your life.  What if we learned to say, “I have an abundance of opportunities I get to prioritize” instead of “I’m so busy”?  I got that one from Grace too.  That simple statement immediately switches my mind from scarcity to abundance.

What do you prefer today?  How do you prefer to live?  Define your answers to those questions and then RISE to it.   And RISE out of the “graves” that hold you down.